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About regenerative medicine performed in orthopedic surgery

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a medical care that uses your cells and tissues to restore the lost functions by activating the self regenerating abilities of organs and organizations damaged by illness or accident.

Type of regenerative medicine

  • Stem cell regenerative medicine
  • Blood regenerative medicine

Stem cell regenerative medicine

Stem cells are cells in the body and have two abilities.

One is the ability to divide itself into cells with the same ability [self -duplicate ability]. The other is the ability to change to other cells.
This ability has the potential to make up for the lost organs and organizations in regenerative medicine and play an important role.

In recent years, the development of medical technology has been used to use stem cells to treat various diseases.
For example, heart treatment, breast reconstruction, blood vessels, skin regeneration, etc. are listed.

As a result of clinical research, its effectiveness has been confirmed, and it is also effective as a treatment for deformed joints in orthopedic surgery.

In our clinic, we provide cultivation stem cell treatment and pulp stem cell culture.

Blood regenerative medicine

The function of a platelet contained in the blood releases a substance called a growing factor called a growth factor for promoting hemostas and repairing wounds when injured, and heals.
A representative example of regenerative medicine that uses this action is PRP treatment.

In the sports orthopedic area, treatments such as injecting injured athlete muscles and tendons and accelerating tissue repair are already common.
The effectiveness of chronic pain has been confirmed, and it is also effective as treatments such as deformed knee osteoarthritis and Achilles tendonitis.

In our clinic, we provide PRP-FD injections, PRP therapy, and ACRS therapy.

Regenerative medicine performed by orthopedic surgery

To expand your knee treatment options

For example, insurance medical treatment is the main option of conservative therapy such as painkillers and hyaluronic acid injections, or surgical therapy that incorporates knees.
If osteoarthritis progresses, the existing conservative treatment is continuing until the surgery is determined.
Of course, the option of artificial joint replacement is also necessary, but with the addition of new options, it can be expected to improve the pain of osteoarthritis and progress.

With this in mind, our clinic recommends treatment using regenerative medicine for knee osteoarthritis.

Our treatment can be received on a day trip without hospitalization, mainly for regenerative medicine.


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