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Culture stem cell treatment

What is culture stem cell treatment?

Cultural stem cell treatment is one of the knee treatment methods by regenerative medicine. By injecting stem cells extracted from your fat (mainly abdomen) into the knee joint, you can expect to be used to live on the painful internal building and promote knee joint protection.

Recommended for such people

  • Interested in knee regenerative medicine
  • Strong knee pain and hinders everyday life
  • Diagnosed as deformed knee osteoarthritis and feel the limit of insurance medical treatment
  • The effect of hyaluronic acid injection has become less
  • There is resistance to surgery

Features of culture stem cell treatment

Anti-inflammatory and pain reduction
The function of stem cells reduces symptoms such as knee inflammation and pain.
Treatment with little invasion of the body
Anti -inflammatory and pain reduction
Reliable cell processing technology
Stem cell culture and processing are outsourced to a cell culture processing facility (CPC), which has been permitted by the government, and is created under advanced culture.

Treatment method and flow

  • Collect about 20 ml of fat from the abdomen or thighs.
    We will deal with local anesthesia so that you do not feel pain.
  • Fat is sent to the cell processing organization, and only stem cells are extracted from fat and culture.
    About 6 weeks later, inject it into the knee joint.

Formal complications

The risk of infection, internal bleeding occurs at the time of injection, and complications of fat embolism after injection, but is very rare.
Pain and swelling of the fat collection site and the knee injection portion may occur, but it is lightened by taking painkillers.

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