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Skin reproduction treatment

PRP therapy in beauty aspects

Use the function of the growth factor of platelets to regenerate skin cells to improve wrinkles, sagging and bears.

Recommended for such people

  • I am worried about wrinkles
  • I'm worried about sagging
  • I'm worried about pores
  • I'm worried about the laugh line
  • I want to regenerate the skin (acne scars, craters, rejuvenation of the skin)

Although it does not feel immediate effect compared to Botox injection or hyaluron injection, it takes 1 to 3 months to restore the skin, the effect is slowly appearing in three to six months, and the effect lasts a long time.

Differences in PRP therapy and hyaluronic acid injection effects

PRP therapy
Hyaluronic acid injection

Inject part

ACRS therapy

ACRS therapy, whose "anti -inflammatory cytokine" is 5 times that of PRP therapy, can be further effective.

It is a treatment that effectively utilizes the reaction of blood release of "anti -inflammatory cytokine" and "growth factor gloss factor". Use your own blood.
Put blood in a special test tube containing glass beads developed in Germany, a medical developed country, and adsorbs the platelets in the blood into a galapiece to culture (3 hours in constant temperatureware), anti -inflammatory substances, growth. After thoroughly releasing the factor, the cells such as platelets are filtered with a dedicated filter to remove only serum.
By this process, the cytokine is cultured to the maximum and reaches about 5 times the normal concentration.
Injecting on the skin with a U255 device (mesogan) and a combination of hand -made meserapy, it is to heal inflammation and pain, and skin cell regeneration and tissue restoration (rejuvenation), wrinkles, sagging, wheels, etc. I can expect to improve.
Injecting into the scalp, it releases the stress of the scalp cells while releasing the stress of the scalp cells, the proliferation of the cells necessary for hair growth, the capillaries, and the repair of the hair growth to enhance the hair growth effect.

  • POINT 01
    Cytokine is cultured to the maximum and 5 times the normal concentration.
  • POINT 02
    Suppress skin aging by anti -inflammatory effect
  • POINT 03
    Growth factor activates skin
  • POINT 04
    Allergy risk is reduced because it is derived from self -blood
  • POINT 05
    Frozen and storage is possible, so treatment is also possible at a later date.

Flow of Site Rich ACRS therapy

  • Blood collection

  • Culture

    3 hours in a dedicated heat insulation

  • Centrifugal separation

    Put on a centrifugal separator

  • Filtration

    Filter with a filter

  • Complete

    Completion of ACRS

Our other regenerative medicine

Case photo


  • Before

  • 7 days after the first treatment

  • Before

  • 7 days after the first treatment


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