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Medical Information

Medical treatment information

Stem cell treatment for shoulder / knee pain, deformed shoulder / knee osteoarthritis, self-fat-derived stem cell therapy
Without surgery and hospitalization of patients, we provide the regenerative therapy of the shoulder, knee with a few burdens of the body.

  • Point 01
    The purpose is to "eliminate pain"
  • Point 02
    Treatment without hospitalization / surgery
  • Point 03
    MRI same day diagnosis
  • Point 04
    Fine after-sales follow-up after treatment

Previous treatments for deformed shoulder and knee osteoarthritis include conservative treatments such as hyaluronic acid and steroids, or rehabilitation, and rehabilitation to relieve pain. However, it is not a fundamental treatment, so the progress of deformed joints cannot be stopped.
Regenerative medicine can reduce the pain of those who cannot get the effect by conservative therapy. In addition, it can be a new option for those who cannot undergo surgery due to circumstances such as elderly and family care.

Recommended for such people

  • Rehabilitation, but no improvement.
  • Injecting hyaluronic acid, but no improvement.
  • We don't wanna undergo joint Arthroplasty, osteotomy surgery, etc.
  • Hospitalization is not made because we do not get a long vacation.
  • I want to prevent the progress of deformation
  • I am at a loss because surgery does not always improve
  • Daignosis of Rheumatism, bone necrosis
  • We are worried about Wrinkles, slack, dark circles, the pore.
  • We are worried about Sparse head of hair(AGA).
  • We will support you from pre-treatment examination to post-treatment follow-up.
    We will support you from pre-treatment examination to post-treatment follow-up.
  • Check adaptation by MRI test
    Before treatment
    Check adaptation by MRI test
    In order to check the adaptation of regenerative medicine, a precise inspection is performed in advance. MRI can be diagnosed on the same day.
  • Proposal according to the condition
    Proposal according to the condition
    You will be able to select counseling and treatment content that will be satisfactory for each guest, and after convincing, a specialist will choose the optimal treatment from a variety of treatments. In some cases, we will provide multiple treatments in combination.
  • Fine after-sales follow-up
    After treatment
    Fine after-sales follow-up
    After-sales follow-up, such as physical therapy that enhances therapeutic effects and providing information on exercise therapy.

In our clinic, we will determine the damage of the tissue in the MRI test before treatment, provide appropriate treatment, and provide maximize the effects of regenerative medicine.
Regenerative medicine is not a treatment that can solve all shoulders and knee problems if you receive treatment.
Patients are indispensable and provide guidance on the necessary home rehabilitation.

Our medical treatment content

In our clinic, the following treatments may be performed by combining more than one.
We will propose flexibly according to the patient's condition.

PRP-FD injection

PRP-FD injection

We make a platelet included in your blood the structurelessness and we dissolve the powder which became the freeze dry and inject it.

Adaptation case
  • Knee osteoarthritis

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Culture stem cells treatment

Culture stem cells treatment

We inject the stem cells which we extracted from own fat (abdominal primarily) in a knee.

Adaptation case
  • Knee osteoarthritis

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Treatment with pulpal stem cells culture supernatant liquid

Treatment with pulpal stem cells culture supernatant liquid

We have intravenous feeding or rhinenchysis (nose spray) of supernatant purified in a process culturing stem cells.

Adaptation case
  • Arteriosclerosis (revascularization)
  • Dementia (brain regeneration)
  • Wrinkles, slack, the pore (skin reproduction)

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PRP therapy

PRP therapy

We extract platelet plasma and pour it into the body.
※We do not add the artificial growth factors.

Adaptation case
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Wrinkles, slack, dark circles, the pore, Acne scars
  • Sparse head of hair(AGA)

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ACRS therapy

ACRS therapy

We pour blood into the special sterility syringe and culture it and we extract only active principle and inject it in the body and relieve a symptom by inflammation, the aging of cells.

Adaptation case
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Wrinkles, slack, dark circles, the pore, Acne scars
  • Sparse head of hair(AGA)

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Flow of medical treatment

  • Reservation

    Our clinic is a complete reservation system. Please make a reservation for visiting the clinic first.

  • Test

    If you have never shot MRI, we recommend that you shoot before the consultation.

  • Consultation

    Based on the test results, we will counsel and examine the current concerns.
    If treatment is approved, we will propose a treatment plan suitable for patients.

  • Treatment

    If you are satisfied with the treatment, you will explain the treatment schedule.
    After treatment, we will explain in detail how to care (how to rehabilitate and stretch) in the future.

  • Returning home

    After treatment, you can send your normal life.

Regenerative medicine performed by orthopedics

No surgery /Less side effects / Surgery, hospitalization is unnecessary

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Knee osteoarthritis

Those with symptoms such as difficult to walk due to painful knees, hindrance on rising sitting and stairs.

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About treatment

Stage 3 of knee osteoarthritis. Is regenerative medicine effective?

Even in stage 3 (progress period), it is within the scope of regenerative medicine.
Some people are effective even in stage 4 (end period), but the percentage is reduced.
Why don't you consider it after being convinced?

Is it possible to receive knee regenerative medicine?

Even if you wish to do regenerative medicine, you may not be able to adapt to those who have concerns about risks.

  • Malignant tumor
  • Severe diabetes
  • infection, and the like

In addition, depending on the progression of deformation in the knee joint, regenerative medicine may not be improved.

In our clinic, we always check and consider the prospect of the knee condition and the effects of the adaptation diagnosis.

It is a new treatment (regenerative medicine), is it safe?

Regenerative medicine cannot be treated unless the current laws and regulations have passed a strict screening regarding safety and treatment of a third -party organization, and after a strict screening, and not being accepted to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Naturally, our clinic also treats this law and treats.
In clinical practice, we thoroughly manage hygiene to minimize the risk of infections.

Should hyaluronic acid injection continue even if the effect is hard to feel?

If hyaluronic acid injection is no longer effective, consider surgery or regenerative medicine without continuing injections.
If you are worried about the burden of surgery, please contact us first.

Who will be subject to regenerative medicine?

It is suitable for those who are not effective in conventional treatment due to knee pain.

  • Those who have not progressed to the indication of surgery, but have not improved pain in the current treatment
  • Those who really do not want to have surgery
  • Those who are difficult to hospitalization due to circumstances, and the like

Because of the low burden on the body, you can receive treatment even if you are elderly.

I have a knee surgery experience, can I get regenerative medicine?

Depending on the content of the surgical treatment, regenerative medicine treatment is possible for those who have experienced surgery due to meniscus injury or ligament injury, or after surgery such as joints and bone removal in deformed arthritis.
We will judge the current symptoms and MRI images.

However, those who have experienced total joint replacement are not adapted.

Is it possible to receive regenerative medicine treatment even if I use dialysis?

Check the test results and knee status and judge.
If it is severe, the risk of infection may be considered non -adaptive.

I have diabetes. Is it possible to receive regenerative medicine?

Check the test results and knee status and judge.
If it is severe, the risk of infection may be considered non-adaptive.

Is knee regenerative medicine treatment effective even for older people?

It's nothing that you can't get treatment because you are older.

Please be assured that there are few side effects and the burden on the body is small.

Do I need rehabilitation during treatment?

The treatment of knee regenerative medicine is basically not only injections, but also rehabilitation by strength training of the person is also very important.
No matter how old, muscle strength can be developed by stimulation.

If you are interested in the rehabilitation method, please contact us.

If the pain runs out, is there no need for rehabilitation?

If there is no pain, it is unnecessary to go to the clinic, but it is recommended that you continue to go to the clinic and guidance at home from the viewpoint of recurrence prevention.

Can I be treated without being hospitalized?

All treatments handled in our clinic do not need to be hospitalized.


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