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About us

We support a beautiful life.
A fulfilling life through regenerative medicine
We will help you to keep it.

Clinic features

  • Features01Consideration for privacy

    Consideration for privacy
    Our clinic is on the 13th floor, but you can come slowly at your own pace at the clinic elevator.
    In addition, you can provide an adult hidden and luxurious space, and you can spend your time waiting.
  • Features02Located immediately at the terminal station

    Located immediately at the terminal station
    Our clinic is located in a good location just as you walk at Osaka Station (Umeda Station).
    It is directly connected to the Hanshin Department Store, a 3 -minute walk from JR Osaka Station, a 1 -minute walk from Umeda Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line, a 1 -minute walk from Hanshin Osaka Umeda Station, and a 7 -minute walk from Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station.
  • Features03Introduction of complete reservation system

    Introduction of complete reservation system
    In our clinic, we have introduced a complete reservation system to secure the consultation time.
    We will select counseling and treatment content that will be satisfactory for each guest, and we will decide together after convincing.
  • Features04Specialized medical treatment

    Specialized medical treatment
    In our clinic, we provide medical treatment specializing in the typical knee diseases, which are said to be 25 million potential patients.
    The treatment of deformed knee osteoarthritis is the current state of insurance medical treatment, which has to perform surgery while ultimately progressing to the end of the deformation. Our clinic provides regenerative medicine that is less burdensome on the body without surgery and hospitalization, improving knee pain and protecting the knee.
  • Features05Select a convincing counseling / treatment content

    Select a convincing counseling / treatment content
    The lifestyle is different as the number of each guest. We are convinced that we will provide a satisfactory counseling from the perspective of extending healthy life expectancy and improving the quality of life (QOL). The treatment is not one, and the pain has waves, so it depends on the time. For joint pain each time, you will propose and select multiple treatments according to the time.
  • Features06Aiming to be a reliable guest joint physician

    Aiming to be a reliable guest joint physician
    We believe that there should be a physician in the joints in orthopedic surgery, just as the internal medicine physician and an otolaryngologist have an otolaryngologist.

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Clinique Haru Osaka-Umeda

1-13-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-City
Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South 13th floor

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