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First consultation

Do I need to make a reservation when I have a medical examination?
In our clinic, we have introduced a reservation system to ensure that the waiting time is a little short and the consultation time is secured. note that.
Do you need a letter of introduction?
A letter of introduction is not required.
If you have been treated undergoing or undergoing treatment for knee pain, you may check what kind of treatment you did. In that case, you may be provided with a letter of introduction and treatment contents.
Is it possible to make electronic payments such as credit cards?
Payment of medical treatment at our clinic can be used not only in cash but also for credit cards (VISA, Master, JCB, UnionPay, Diners, AMEX, Discover, etc.).
Some credit cards may not be available, so please contact us for details.
I would like a letter of introduction.
Once you have a medical institution (referral) you want, please tell your doctor or staff at the consultation.

About treatment

Can I be treated without being hospitalized?
All treatments handled in our clinic do not need to be hospitalized.
If the pain runs out, is there no need for rehabilitation?
If there is no pain, it is unnecessary to go to the clinic, but it is recommended that you continue to go to the clinic and guidance at home from the viewpoint of recurrence prevention.
Do I need rehabilitation during treatment?
The treatment of knee regenerative medicine is basically not only injections, but also rehabilitation by strength training of the person is also very important. No matter how old, muscle strength can be developed by stimulation. If you are interested in the rehabilitation method, please contact us.
Is knee regenerative medicine treatment effective even for older people?
It's nothing that you can't get treatment because you are older.
Please be assured that there are few side effects and the burden on the body is small.
I have diabetes. Is it possible to receive regenerative medicine?
Check the test results and knee status and judge. If it is severe, the risk of infection may be considered non-adaptive.
Is it possible to receive regenerative medicine treatment even if I use dialysis?
Check the test results and knee status and judge.
If it is severe, the risk of infection may be considered non-adaptive.
I have a knee surgery experience, can I get regenerative medicine?
Depending on the content of the surgical surgery, regenerative medicine treatment is possible for those who have experienced surgery due to meniscus injury or ligament injury, or after surgery such as joints and bone removal in deformed arthritis.
We will judge the current symptoms and MRI images. However, those who have experienced artificial joint replacement are not adapted.
Who will be subject to regenerative medicine?
It is suitable for those who are not effective in conventional treatment due to knee pain.
  • Those who have not progressed to the indication of surgery, but have not improved pain in the current treatment
  • Those who really do not want to have surgery
  • Those who are difficult to hospitalization due to circumstances
Etc. Because of the low burden on the body, you can receive treatment even if you are elderly.
Should hyaluronic acid injection continue even if the effect is hard to feel?
If hyaluronic acid injection is no longer effective, consider surgery or regenerative medicine without continuing injections.
If you are worried about the burden of surgery, please contact us first.
It is a new treatment (regenerative medicine), is it safe?
Regenerative medicine cannot be treated unless the current laws and regulations have passed a strict screening regarding safety and treatment of a third -party organization, and after a strict screening, and not being accepted to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Naturally, our clinic also treats this law and treats.
In clinical practice, we thoroughly manage hygiene to minimize the risk of infections.
Is it possible to receive knee regenerative medicine?
Even if you wish to do regenerative medicine, you may not be able to adapt to those who have concerns about risks
  • Malignant tumor
  • Severe diabetes
  • Infection, and the like
In addition, depending on the progression of deformation in the knee joint, regenerative medicine may not be improved.
In our clinic, we always check and consider the prospect of the knee condition and the effects of the adaptation diagnosis.
Stage 3 of knee osteoarthritis. Is regenerative medicine effective?
Even in stage 3 (progress period), it is within the scope of regenerative medicine.
Some people are effective even in stage 4 (end period), but the percentage is reduced.
Why don't you consider it after being convinced?

abour knee osteoarthritis

Can I sit straight?
Sitting straight does not mean that you tend to have knee osteoarthritis.
However, the position of the sitting straight is very heavy on the knee, so I think it is better not to do much when the knee hurts.
Will I have osteoarthritis in my 20s and 30s?
Knee osteoarthritis occurs in women in their 50s or older, and is considered to be unlikely in their 20s and 30s.
It is said that people who are young and have caused broken knees and ligaments in the past are more likely to be.
The following people need to be careful.
  • Those who are obese
  • Those who lack exercise
  • Varus knee
  • Woman
  • Either of the parents, both or both of them, knee osteoarthritis
  • I have experienced my knee damage in sports
  • There are many tasks that handle heavy things, such as lifting heavy luggage
In the case of knee osteoarthritis, is there any behavior to be aware of in everyday life?
What you want to be aware of in your daily life is not to put a burden on your knees.

Watch out for

  • Movement that suddenly moves or stops
  • Movement to flex your knees deeply
  • Sports that put a burden on the knees (valley, mountain climbing, etc.), and the like
How much exercise can be done on a daily basis?
In order to alleviate the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, it is effective to train muscles (hamstrings) that support the quadriceps and thighs.
However, exercise that puts a heavy burden on staircase up and down requires attention.
Movement such as walking and cycling on flat ground is appropriate.
My knees hurt. Is it deformed knee osteoarthritis?
If multiple items are applicable, there is a possibility of "knee osteoarthritis". Please contact us if you are interested.
  • My knees hurt due to initial operation, such as standing up and starting walking
  • My knee hurts after walking for about 30 minutes
  • My knees hurt when I go up and down the stairs
  • I can't sit straight, squat down.
  • My knees swollen (water accumulates)
  • When you move your knees, you hear a sound (the bones rub)
  • There is a history of trauma due to knee injuries
How old is the knee osteoarthritis?
Both men and women began to increase gradually in their 40s, and especially in women, especially in women.
It is said that about 40% of women in their 60s and about 70% of women in their 70s are affected by this deformed knee osteoarthritis.


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