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ACRS therapy (self -blood cytokine rich serum)

Treatment with "anti -inflammatory cytokine" extracted and amplified from your own blood
An injection that suppresses various joint symptoms by suppressing inflammation.

What is ACRS therapy (self -blood cytokine rich serum)?

ACRS is an "anti-inflammatory cytokine (IL-1RA)", a substance that suppresses a growth factor in the patient's own blood and platelets and the "inflammatory cytokine (IL-1)". This is a treatment that uses a high concentration (self -blood cytokine rich serum) that extracts and contains these ingredients in a high concentration.
It is cultured by putting the patient's blood in a specially sterile syringe, extracting only the above active ingredients, injecting joints, and relieving symptoms due to inflammation and aging of cells.

By injecting a self-blood cytokine ricci serum containing "anti-inflammatory cytokine (IL-1RA)", the "inflammatory cytokine (IL-1)" that the cells receive are inhibited, and the joints are guided to normal. The symptoms are improved by the effects of "growth factors".

* "Anti-inflammatory cytokine (IL-1RA)" is a substance that can prevent cells from capturing inflammatory cytokines because they have the same sequence as the "inflammatory cytokine (IL-1)".

* It is said that inflammatory cytokines are related to the side reaction of the new colon virus vaccine.

What is "chronic inflammation" that causes various symptoms?

"Cytokine" is a substance that transmits cells, "inflammatory cytokine", which causes inflammation, and an "anti -inflammatory cytokine" that suppresses it.
If you have a symptom called "chronic inflammatory", "inflammatory cytokine" is always released more than "anti -inflammatory cytokine".

Usually, in the human body, a cytokine that causes inflammation and a work -down cytokine coexist in a well -balanced manner, maintaining a healthy body constant. However, this balance is lost due to various factors such as menopause, menopause, endocrine disorders, infections, trauma, external stress, pollution environment, ultraviolet rays, aging, and excessive exercise, and to chronic inflammation in daily lifestyle. And proceed.
Active oxygen is produced by chronic inflammation, inflammation caused by active oxygen, and active oxygen is generated, which is one of the reasons for the aging of cells and produces various obstacles. It is a phenomenon called "chronic inflammation". It is said that this chronic inflammation occurs in the joints causes arthritis or osteoarthritis, causing non -slimming cartilage and recurrence of half -moon plate.

Recommended for such people

  • Knee pain becomes chronic and hinders everyday life
  • We are looking for a long -term effect with one treatment
  • I want to get an effect in a short period of time
  • Looking for a way to not be hospitalized

Difference between PRP therapy and ACRS therapy

Similar treatments are "PRP therapy" that inject components extracted from the patient's own blood and improve symptoms.

This "PRP therapy" is a treatment method that improves symptoms by injecting concentrated platelets into joints, but in order to release cytokines to platelets in the joints, "inflammatory cytokines are also released". There were drawbacks such as the effects of the effect. "
This "ACRS therapy" has overcome the drawbacks of such "PRP therapy".
Put the collected blood in a special syringe containing medical glass beads and put it 37 degrees 37 degrees near body temperature, inducing the release of cytokine and growth factors, increasing the concentration of active ingredients in the blood, activating. I will make it.
After that, only the active ingredient is extracted and separated by a centrifugal separator, and effective injections can be performed with high concentration of cytokine and active ingredients.

Even if you say "growing active ingredients", the question is what to increase and how much.
ACRS increase in five types: anti-inflammatory cytokine (IL-1RA) and growth factor FGF/EGF/PDGF/TGF-β/VDGF.
In particular, research results have been significantly increased for EGFs 15 times and FGF 5 times.
It has been confirmed that it will be the maximum in about three hours, and that inflammatory cytokines will not increase.
Multiple injections can get the effect of several years.

Our hospital recommends performing about three times every 3-5 weeks to improve the effect and sustainability.

Features of ACRS therapy (self -blood cytokine rich serum)

Effective for short -term and chronic pain
Inflammation of inflammatory cytokines to improve the root of pain.
Cartilage protection can also be expected
It suppresses the progression of knee osteoarthritis and promotes joint preservation.
Knee treatment performed only by injection without surgery
You can return to your daily life immediately after treatment without surgery or hospitalization. There is no report of serious side effects.

Other treatments

In our clinic, we will respond not only to knee treatment but also for such people.

Aging care treatment

Cytokine, which contains activated growth factors, is excellent in regenerating skin cells that have weakened by the oxidation of cells due to chronic inflammation, and is effective in anticipation of aging. It stimulates cells that make up collagen that make up the skin, reviving the skin tight, glossy, and luster of pores.

Thinning hair treatment

Except for "inflammation" and "thin hair", and those who have thin hair symptoms from dermatitis, it may be a word that does not have much to do with it, but it is greatly related to cells.
In fact, it is the IL-1β, an inflammatory cytokine that causes chronic inflammation that triggers the atrophy of hair wrapping stem cells and shrinking hair trunks.
Hair therapy with ACRS therapy activates the inflammatory factor IL-1, which induces the atrophy of the hair parcel and the reduction of hair roots, to revitalize the oxalis cells and regenerate keratinization.

Treatment method and flow

  • Counseling

    We will ask you about your patient's concerns and wishes.
  • Consultation

    Doctor consults with counseling.
  • Start of treatment

    Lie on the bed and take a subcutaneous injection in a relaxed state.
  • (Total time required from blood collection)

    3 hours and 30 minutes (treatment 30 minutes to 40 minutes/3 hours of blood processing)
  • End

    Shower: possible from the day
    Bathing: possible from the next day


Pregnant or breastfeeding people are not able to receive treatment.
Pain, swollen, and heat after treatment, but in most cases it is lighter by administering painkillers.

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