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Hair reproduction treatment

Hair regeneration by PRP therapy and ACRS therapy

PRP therapy / ACRS therapy is an extracted growth factor in which leukocytes and platelets in the patient's own blood are included and substances that suppress inflammatory cytokine (IL-1), and those ingredients are high in concentration. It is a treatment using the contained upper whisper (cytokine).
Cytokine, which contains this activated growth factor, is excellent in regenerating declining hair wraps and weak skin cells.

Recommended for such people

  • I'm worried about thin hair and hair loss
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Female and male pattern baldness

Application to hair growth

After menopause, after giving birth, it is effective for hereditary hair removal.

By stopping the inflammatory factor IL-1, which induces the atrophy of the hair wrap and the reduction of the roots, the hairlide cells are activated and the keratinization capacity is regenerated.

Image of hair regeneration

  • ①The inflammatory environment that affects the new blood vessel has a significant effect on hair growth.
  • ②PRP / ACRS improves inflammatory environment.
  • ③Improving the inflammatory environment promotes new blood vessels and hair follicles.

Therapeutic effect

You can feel the effect in about six months after the treatment.
In addition, in this treatment, you can feel a higher effect by taking the treatment once every two to three weeks three to four times.

Our other regenerative medicine

Case photo

Thin hair

  • Before

  • After


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