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Flow of the treatment

Please refer to the following for the basic flow of degenerative knee arthritis treatment of "Clinique Haru Osaka-Umeda".

  • Resarvation

    We have introduced a complete reservation system to secure the consultation time.

    A medical examination recommends a smooth "MRI knee same day diagnosis" to the knee to want to be treated after examining a state well from an examination whether it is adaptation of the treatment of this hospital.

  • Confirmed reservation

    If you talk with our staff and confirm the date and time of the clinic and the information on the day, the reservation will be completed.
    If you make an online reservation, you will receive a confirmation email after the reservation is completed.

  • Examination / counseling

    First, we will ask you about the symptoms of osteoarthritis and the treatment you have received. Next, the movement of the knee is also determined by palpation, and that our clinic is effective.
    At the same time, we will explain the detailed flow and precautions of the treatment.

  • Confirmation of treatment date

    There are treatments that can be performed on the day, but those that require days to process the treatment material (PRP-FD treatment, culture stem cell treatment, etc.) will determine the treatment date in line with your wishes.
    In addition, those who are lost can consider again. In that case, we will set the desired date and time again.

  • Treatment

    It is a treatment that does not cut the knee. If you wish, please be assured that local anesthesia will be performed as appropriate.

  • After treatment

    If you have finished explanation of your attention, you can go home.


First consultation

I would like a letter of introduction.

Once you have a medical institution (referral) you want, please tell your doctor or staff at the consultation.

Is it possible to make electronic payments such as credit cards?

Payment of medical expenses at our clinic can be used not only in cash but also for credit cards (JCB, VISA, Master, AMEX, etc.).
Some credit cards may not be available, so please contact us for details.

Do you need a letter of introduction?

A letter of introduction is not required.
If you have been treated or undergoing treatment for knee pain, you may check what kind of treatment you did. In that case, you may be provided with a letter of introduction and treatment contents.

Can I make a reservation over the phone?

Please contact our clinic directly. We also accept reservations from the Internet on PCs and smartphones, but if you can contact us by phone, we will accept reservations. Please feel free to contact us.
Reception hours are the same as consultation hours.

I don't know how to make a reservation from a personal computer.

Please contact us directly. Please contact our clinic directly within the consultation hours.
Please approve the consultation hours for detailed medical treatment hours.

Do I need to make a reservation when I have a medical examination?

In our clinic, we have introduced a reservation system to ensure that the waiting time is a little short and the consultation time is secured. note that.


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