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PRP therapy

What is PRP therapy?

"PRP" is an abbreviation of Platelet-Rich Plasma, activating the concentration of platelets.
It is also called "AUTOLOGUS CELL Rejuvenation (self -polymerized blood plasma injection therapy)". One of the "regenerative medicine" that uses the power of his cells and is used for beauty in addition to tissue repair. Will be.

Unlike injections such as hyaluronic acid, it is a procedure aimed at "working on cells to activate self -recovery power, and prepares the environment in the joint from the root." It is expected that various growth factors will be released by extracting and injecting platelet plasma, which contain ingredients that will rejuvenate the cells of the body from your blood and rejuvenate, to return the interior environment to normal.
Although it does not have an effect immediately, it fits into the body and rejuvenates your cells and rejuvenates, so the effect is extremely natural, long, and gradually, slowly and firmly. In addition, since I use my own plasma, it is safe without worrying about infectious diseases and allergies.

About platelets

Platelets are organizations that work to repair when blood vessels are damaged or deteriorated.
When the blood vessels are wounded, it plays a role in gathering in the damaged part and stopping.
Platelets release a large number of "growth factors" when repairing this damaged blood vessels.

About growth factors

"Growth factor" is a type of protein that promotes cell proliferation and differentiation, and is a factor that plays the role of "key to working cells."
This "growth factor" decreases due to aging, and the repair function declines due to the decrease in growth factors.

There are various types of growth factors, but the representative of the growth factor released by platelets includes "EGF", "TGF", "FGF", "VEGF", and "PDGF".

Recommended for such people

  • Knee pain becomes chronic and hinders everyday life
  • We are looking for a long -term effect with one treatment
  • I want to get an effect in a short period of time
  • Looking for a way to not be hospitalized

Features of PRP therapy

Effective for short -term and chronic pain
Inflammation of inflammatory cytokines to improve the root of pain.
Cartilage protection can also be expected
It suppresses the progression of knee osteoarthritis and promotes joint preservation.
Knee treatment performed only by injection without surgery
You can return to your daily life immediately after treatment without surgery or hospitalization. There is no report of serious side effects.

Other treatments

In our clinic, we will respond not only to knee treatment but also for such people.

For aging skin

You can rejuvenate your skin by extracting platelet plasma, which contains ingredients that can rejuvenate your body from your blood and rejuvenate your body, and inject it into aging skin.

The production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin, which is a component that is composed of elastic skin, is released from platelets injected into the skin, increasing the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. Not only wrinkles and bears are improved, but the skin is generally rejuvenated. You can expect not only wrinkles, sagging, texture and beautiful skin effects, but also various effects such as moss on the cheeks and bears under the eyes.

It has a slightly different nature from "filling and lifting by increasing the volume" such as hyaluronic acid. It can be expected to be effective.

Treatment method and flow

  • Counseling

    We will ask you about your patient's concerns and wishes.
  • Consultation

    Doctor consults with counseling.
  • Blood collection / processing

    I will collect blood from my arms.
  • Blood processing is performed with a centrifugal separator in parallel with design and anesthesia.
  • Start of treatment

    Lie on the bed and make an infusion injection in a relaxed state.
  • End

    Shower: possible from the day
    Bathing: possible from the next day


Pregnant or breastfeeding people are not able to receive treatment.
Pain, swollen, and heat after treatment, but in most cases it is lighter by administering painkillers.

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