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PRP-FD injection

What is PRP-FD injection?

PRP therapy (self -blooded plasma injection therapy) is a regenerative medicine using platelets contained in the patient's own blood.
By extracting only platelet components in the cell processing facility, and injecting them in the affected area, the repair of damaged tissue (natural healing power) is promoted, which is expected to have the effect of "early healing" and "pain". It is a treatment that can be done.
The PRP-FD injection refers to the cell-neither of the platelets, produces and dissolves FD (freeze-dried) powder.

After the PRP-FD injection, do not add a physical load (pressure or expand or contract).

Recommended for such people

  • Knee pain becomes chronic and hinders everyday life
  • We are looking for a long -term effect with one treatment
  • I want to get an effect in a short period of time
  • Looking for a way to not be hospitalized

Features of PRP-FD injection

Effective for short -term and chronic pain
Inflammation of inflammatory cytokines to improve the root of pain.
Cartilage protection can also be expected
It suppresses the progression of knee osteoarthritis and promotes joint preservation.
Knee treatment performed only by injection without surgery
You can return to your daily life immediately after treatment without surgery or hospitalization. There is no report of serious side effects.

Treatment method and flow

  • Collection of about 50ml of blood.
  • Blood is sent to the cell processing agency, and only platelets are extracted from blood and processed into high concentrations.
    About 3 weeks later, inject it into the knee joint.


There are individual differences of the effect, and stable effects may be difficult to produce depending on the knee condition.
Pain, swollen, and heat after treatment, but in most cases it is lighter by administering painkillers.

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