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About osteoarthritis

What is osteoarthritis?

Tearing knee osteoarthritis is a disease in which the cartilage in the knee joint is damaged, mainly causes knee pain or joint liquid when walking.
Initially deformed knee ionsis symptoms cause pain when standing up and at the beginning of walking.
In the middle, pain symptoms appear in the sitting and stairs.
Furthermore, as deformed knee osteoarthritis progresses, pain will not be removed even during rest, and the deformation will be noticeable (O-legs are conspicuous), and the knees will not be completely extended not only on stairs but also on flat ground.
If you get hindered in your daily life, you are more likely to have osteoarthritis of knee.


Causes of knee osteoarthritis

The cause is often caused by aging of joint cartilage, and is also involved in body-shaped characteristics such as obesity, O-legs, and X-legs, as well as gene (genes). In addition, it may occur after repeated infections such as trauma such as fracture, ligament rupture, semi-moonplate damage, purulent and simple arthritis.

In aging, the joint cartilage loses elasticity with age, and the joints are deformed. The gender ratio is 1: 4, and women are more common, and the more the age is, the higher the affection rate.

It is thought that such elements are related to the development of knee osteoarthritis in combination.

Prevention (precautions in daily life)

  • Train the muscles in front of the thighs (quadriceps) by foot -raising gymnastics
  • Avoid sitting as much as possible
  • In the case of obesity, reduce weight
  • Do not cool your knees, warm and improve blood circulation
  • Use Western -style toilets
  • Avoid excessive exercise that puts a burden on your knees

Inspection method

Examination and palpation are performed to check whether or not the inside of the knee has tenderness, the range of joint movements, swelling and O-leg transformation, and perform X-rays (X-rays) tests. Add an MRI test if necessary.

General treatment

Treatment of deformed knee osteoarthritis includes conservation therapy and surgical therapy.
If the symptoms are mild, conservative treatments are used with painkiller or external drugs, or hyaluronic acid injections are performed in the knee joint (drug therapy).
In addition, exercise equipment rehabilitation such as quadrice muscle training training, joint motion improvement training (exercise therapy), and physical therapy that warms the knee.
We may provide brace therapy to create sole plates and knee equipment.

If such conservative therapy does not improve the symptoms, we will consider surgical therapy.
Surgery therapy includes oloresis (endoscopy) surgery, high -level tibial bone cutting (cut bones to correct deformation), and knee joint replacement.

Our treatment method

For those who are no longer in pain, hyaluronic acid injections, or those who do not want to undergo surgery such as artificial joints, there is treatment in regenerative medicine.
We provide the following regeneration treatment.

From the director

Even with knee pain, the cause is not one, but also a composite of a disease name such as goose inflammation, iliacoritis, and patella tendonitis, for example, in addition to osteoarthritis. increase.
At the same time, the pressure is examined at the time of the consultation, and at the same time, not only the X-ray test, but also various methods such as MRI and in some cases blood tests are used.


About osteoarthritis

How old is the knee osteoarthritis?
Both men and women began to increase gradually in their 40s, and especially in women.
It is said that about 40 % of women in their 60s and about 70 % of women in their 70s are affected by this deformed knee osteoarthritis.
My knees hurt. Is it deformed knee osteoarthritis?
If multiple items are applicable, there is a possibility of "knee osteoarthritis". Please contact us if you are interested.
  • My knees hurt due to initial operation, such as standing up and starting walking
  • My knee hurts after walking for about 30 minutes
  • My knees hurt when I go up and down the stairs
  • I can't sit straight, squat down.
  • My knees swollen (water accumulates)
  • When you move your knees, you hear a sound (the bones rub)
  • There is a history of trauma due to knee injuries
How much exercise can be done on a daily basis?
In order to alleviate the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, it is effective to train muscles (hamstrings) that support the quadriceps and thighs.
However, exercise that puts a heavy burden on staircase up and down requires attention.
Movement such as walking and cycling on flat ground is appropriate.
In the case of knee osteoarthritis, is there any behavior to be aware of in everyday life?
What you want to be aware of in your daily life is not to put a burden on your knees.

Watch out for

  • Movement that suddenly moves or stops
  • Movement to bend your knees deeply
  • Sports that put a burden on the knees (valley, mountain climbing, etc.)
Will I have osteoarthritis in my 20s and 30s?
Knee osteoarthritis occurs in women in their 50s or older, and is considered to be unlikely in their 20s and 30s.
It is said that people who are young and have caused broken knees and ligaments in the past are more likely to be.
The following people need to be careful.
  • Those who are obese
  • Those who lack exercise
  • Varus Knee
  • Woman
  • Either of the parents, both or both of them, knee osteoarthritis
  • I have experienced my knee damage in sports
  • There are many tasks that handle heavy things, such as lifting heavy luggage
Can I sit straight?
Sitting does not mean that you tend to have knee osteoarthritis.
However, the position of the sitting is very heavy on the knee, so I think it is better not to do much when the knee hurts.


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